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The view will be breathtaking. The pure marble idol Lord Shirdi Sai Maharaj and is of bigger than life size. The eyes of Baba will pour blessings on your. The statue is sculpted by Sri Talini and installed in 1954. The temple hall where the idol near Samadhi is placed is big enough to have 4 lines of queue of the Sai Devotees two on each side of the hall, the right/left most queue doesn’t leads you in front of Sai Idol but to the exit door passing by Samadhi by side . If you are lucky, you will get a chance to touch and bow to Samadhi and offer your prayers and even get a flower from the Samadhi.  Samadhi stage is most often will have four priests two on each side of the Idol doing pooja. If our customers want to bow from the front of the Idol, we will guide them to the right side queue while entering.

Samadhi mandir where Sai took his last breadth and is now lying in peace was earlier called as “Buty Wada.  The temple was built on top of it. Within the Mandir premises there are other notable areas where Sai has spent most of his time and the most prominent one is “Gurusthan” which he usually calls as “Mere guru ka sthaan” (My master’s place). From there, just a few meters away three small single structure temples of Lord Ganesha, Shiva and Shani,


A mosque which is popularly called “Dwaraka Mai” is just by the side of the temple. The stone on which Sai used to sit on is still preserved here. “Chavdi” is in front of Dwaraka Mai just outside the temple premise where Sai used to rest every alternative day. The temple permises has SBI ATM, book shop, museum where articles, clothes and shoes are still preserved which was once used by Sai. One of the photo dipicts a sculpture who was carving the Sai Idol the same which is in Samadhi. It also has sweet shops, book store..